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Yogasteya Online Yoga Classes is full of easy to follow steps and formulas and  is a wonderful product which soothes and relaxes the human brain and fits your daily routine comfortably.

Once you get the trick, you will be highly interested in it and it will become a passion for you. So we are giving the key to Yogasteya Online Yoga Classes concepts.

Dianne Bondy says ” you don’t need the body a 20 years old fitness model to be fit, healthy and happy”. at

She is right. Let’s see together why she is..

But first of all, who is Dianne Bondy ;

Dianne-BondyShe love yoga and as she said she is not superstar yoga teacher, or she has never been to India and she don’t travel the world teaching yoga. Dianne Bondy do own and operate a local yoga studio, train new teachers, run retreats, and maintain a strong personal practice. She has  spent way more on Yoga training than She would like her husband to know. ;-). these re not our words, she says so.


So she got tired of feeling out of place in the super skinny and flexible yoga world. That’s why she created and Yogasteya Online Yoga Classes.

As most of us know,  yoga has plenty of benefits.

  • Yoga can help improve the looks of your body,Yoga-Happy-Healthy
  • Yoga makes you more aware of your body, improving your posture, strengthening your back and core, adding grace and fluiditity to your movements.
  • Yoga is a huge immune booster. That means tipping the odds in your favor of a long HEALTHY life.
  • Yoga helps you deal with stress more effectively.
  • Yoga makes you more productive. Increased Energy + Mental Clarity = More Life is designed to help you begin, maintain and grow your practice, so you can lose the stress, get a strong pain-free body and even discover deeper meaning in your life.

When you begin your yoga practice you’ll notice the physical benefits first, you‘ll feel stronger, your clothes will fit better. Then your friends will start to notice. They might ask why you’re smiling so much, or why you seem so much happier.

Yoga with Yogasteya helps you focus on the present moment. This gives you greater clarity and the allows you to focus on the important things in life. With this comes a deeper, fuller life.

Yogasteya community provides you with,

  • Zero intimidation or judgement. Just a warm supportive environment with unlimited yoga classes any time of the day or nightopal-2
  • Over 70 High Quality Yoga Classes with Clear Concise Instructions – and two new classes each month
  • Classes from 10 minutes to 120 minutes – So you can always get a practice in,
  • Right in The Comfort of Your Own Home – Anywhere you have an internet connection – No need to drive to the studio,
  • 24/7 Access
  • Getting Your Questions Answered on our “Social Wall” or in our Private Facebook Group,
  • Live Skype Classes with Dianne and other Yogasteya members

If you are new to Yoga and feel a little intimidated, don’t worry, they will guide you gently from the start with these quickstart guides.


The Official Site :

Yoga Coach : Dianne Bondy

Customer Review : 4.93 of 5.00 (For Read The Review Please Visit The Web Site)

Trial Price : $4.95

Standart Price : $67 $47


Yogasteya Member Reviews


tluffmanWonderful class! I am a big fan of yoga because it gives me the relaxation I need in order to make it through my day. This routine did exactly as it promised, prepared me for my day! I love what you are doing here, your an inspiration and I see myself sticking with yogasteya for years to come.
~ T. Luffman Dalton GA



InesI was beyond excited when you announced that you would be launching an online studio. I started back up at school, and between school, homework, my son and general life, it doesn’t leave me much time to get to the studio, so I am absolutely ecstatic that I now can have your classes online in my living room!!!
~ I. Exaltacion, Windsor ON