Why does the Paleo diet work for Weight Loss?

When body’s chemistry is rebalanced, weight loss is inherent. It is important to understand how fat accumulates in our body first, to understand more about weight gain and obesity. Weight gain is not something to do with overeating and leading a sedentary lifestyle alone. Of course, these are contributing factors but there are other major factors that trigger unhealthy weight gain.

Carbohydrates is a culprit in more ways than one! When you consume more carbohydrates, chemical reactions triggered make you crave for sweets and give an impression that you are hungry, when you really aren’t. As a result, you overeat and also, eat more of sweets and other junk foods, which are again unhealthy and create a vicious cycle.

This is because:paleo_diet

  • Fructose metabolism varies from that of glucose, which is typically stored as fat. This is also because fructose triggers the process of fat storage.
  • As a result, weight gain, fat belly, increased triglycerides and LDL, reduced HDL, high blood sugar levels, etc. follow quickly – otherwise called metabolic syndrome.
  • Carbohydrates in one’s diet are the major source of glycerol-3-phosphate, which is responsible for making fats to get stored in fat tissues.
  • Besides, high carbohydrate levels also raise insulin levels, which prevent fats from being released!

On the other hand, fructose turns off the body’s appetite control system, leading to weight gain. Excess fructose means, the “hunger hormone” isn’t suppressed, which means you feel hungry always! You tend to overeat, triggering insulin resistance and that is followed by diabetes, heart problems and even certain types of cancers!

A simple math equation is [fructose + dietary carbs (grains that breakdown into sugar) = excess body fat / obesity]. Mere exercising cannot offset the damage inflicted by excess carbohydrates or fructose (they make you fat and also aid in making sure you remain so), one reason WHY they aren’t in the Paleo diet!

If you are serious about long term weight loss, in a lifestyle rather than a “fad diet” way then the Paleo diet is well worth serious consideration.

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