How to Be Vegan : Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Cruelty-Free Eating, Living, Dating, Travel, Decorating, and More

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Demonstrating the ease with which a vegan lifestyle can be had, Castoria spotlights everything from day-to-day events to nutrition, recipes, etiquette, travel, fashion, dating, and more.

One of my biggest peeves with vegans stems from definitions. In this book I see the same thing. Vegans do not eat or use any animal products which is clear and concise. However vegetarians eat eggs and dairy according to Castoria. Vegetarians are by definition herbivores. There are hyphenated exceptions such as lacto-vegetarians who eat dairy and ovo-vegetarians who eat eggs. Castoria sees no difference.

Vegan_Food_PyramidWhat separates vegetarians from vegans is the use of animal products, which is rather a blurry area. Vegans won’t eat honey because bees are animals, but very few would think twice about fumigating their house to get rid of termites. There is a sliding scale of acceptability.

The book on the whole provides good information on why giving up the consumption of animal products is a worthwhile endeavor. There are personal benefits for your health and environmental benefits. Cattle rank as the greatest greenhouse gas emitters in the world.

There is also the animal rights porion too. There is an overall loss in food production by raising animals for slaughter. Animals require much more food than they provide. And, yes, you can get all your protein through plants.

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There are also useful “tips” and celebrity tidbits throughout the book. Most aspects of everyday life are covered from being vegan while traveling, what to eat at the airport, and how to order vegan meals when the options are not on the menu.

There is a chapter on household and beauty item and a list some that are vegan. Most aspects of life are covered with the exception of automobiles. Our car society impacts animals a great deal from road kill, destroying habitats for new roads, sprawling suburbia destroying any meaningful wildlife refuge.

All in all a decent introduction to veganism. The vegan recipes (50 vegan diet recipes) at the end of the book are an added bonus, and from reading through them, they seem like they would taste good and look easy to make – vegan recipes-.9781579655556

“With familiar ingredients and straightforward instructions…[and] presented in concise, practical easy-to-read pieces, with tips and tricks to employ in all parts of life—and filled with helpful illustrations and humorous ones too—How to Be Vegan presents a vegan lifestyle that is more accessible than ever before,” notes the cover.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking at changing their life to a healthier one and one that is gentler on the planet. Even with what this book lacks it does give an encouraging boost to those interested in veganism (or vegetarianism).

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